Neglected boy who went BLIND in filthy, fly-infested home wrote ‘Help me’ on wall

Neglected boy who went BLIND in filthy, fly-infested home wrote ‘Help me’ on wall

How are you “too busy” to notice your child is BLIND? What the hell:


From the article:

A 12-year-old boy who went blind after shocking neglect from his parents scrawled ‘Help me’ on his house wall, it emerged today.

The youngster and his two-year-old sister were kept in a filthy, stinking and fly-infested house, with him eventually losing sight in his left eye from cataracts.

Now, a leaked council report has revealed the boy, from Thornaby, Teesside, was subjected to neglect from as early as 2007 before he was eventually rescued in August 2013.

Parents Gillian Hendry and Craig Dick, both 34, were jailed for two-and-a-half years and two years and two months last month after they pleaded guilty to two charges of child neglect.

Now a hard-hitting social services report details how council employees had several opportunities to intervene after concerns but the case was closed -twice.
The damning dossier, leaked ahead of an ongoing Serious Case Review by Stockton Borough Council in Teesside, reveals the boy’s primary school first alerted social services there were serious problems with his attendance and hygiene in 2007, but no action was taken.

Aged six, he was still wearing baby ‘pull ups’, before two years later hospital consultant Dr Fiona Clarke raised the alarm in 2009.

She told social services the boy was not attending hospital appointments for his developing crippling arthritis, and he could be left severely disabled.

In January and February 2010, a school nurse again raised the alarm with social services after she visited the family home and discovered it had mice infestation and no heating or hot water.

A social worker did respond with her own visit, but noted that conditions had improved and closed the case.

In September 2011, a doctor once more flagged to social services that the boy was ‘dirty to the point of being at risk of infection’, but it was dismissed and no assessment was instigated.

Lock them up. sterilize them, and throw away the key. Please.


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