Netanyahu Issues Bold Message to Obama About His Visit. White House is Furious!

Netanyahu Issues Bold Message to Obama About His Visit. White House is Furious!

The Obama administration has remained incredibly hostile to Israel in recent years and as America prepares for a visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Obama has shown his pettiness and his continued disrespect for the Jewish state. Conservative Tribune reports on Netanyahu’s blunt response to Obama’s hostility:


President Barack Obama may not fear the notion of a nuclear-armed Iran, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu surely does! And this is why he remains hellbent on coming to the United States this week “to try to stop the emerging agreement that is a danger to the State of Israel,” Newsmax reported.

“It is my duty as Israeli prime minister, and as one who looks out for the future of the Jewish people, to do everything possible to convince the sole body (Congress) capable of perhaps preventing such a deal,” he told a conservative Jewish radio station.

This blunt statement, which is the most defiant thing he’s said so far about the negotiations between Iran and the United States, puts him in full opposition to Obama, who it seems is committed to bending over backwardsto Iran’s whims.

Netanyahu also stated that he “respected and appreciated the strategic ties between Israel and the United States,” but that his nation’s survival comes first.

“When the issue at hand is our very existence, what is expected of a prime minister?” he asked rhetorically. “Should he bow down and accept the danger for the sake of a relationship?”

What Obama’s reaction to Netanyahu’s visit illustrates is a continued lack of respect for what is supposed to be our greatest ally in the region and it is absolutely deplorable.

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