New Audio Evidence Revealed In The Case Of JonBenét Ramsey That May Point To The Killer

New Audio Evidence Revealed In The Case Of JonBenét Ramsey That May Point To The Killer

The JonBenet Ramsey case has plagued America for 20 years, now. Who would want to murder such a beautiful young girl? What would their motive be? How could they have pulled it off in a way that would stump law enforcement for two decades?

In the last month, stories about the case, including a CBS special, A&E documentary and a Dr. Phil interview with the girl’s brother, have come to the forefront. Have we finally evolved enough technologically speaking that we can now determine who murdered little JonBenet Ramsey?


The biggest break in this case was the audio picked up by the 911 dispatcher after JonBenet’s mother, Patsy Ramsey, tried to hang up the phone. At the time this occurred, technology was just not good enough to determine who was speaking or what they said. Now, however, the audio could be slowed down and we can finally hear this potentially critical piece of audio.

Keep in mind as you read this that JonBenet’s father John Ramsey was and perhaps still is considered a suspect in his daughter’s murder.

From PerezHilton:

What Clemente (pictured above) and the rest of his team discovered was a voice that sounded like the beauty pageant contestant’s father, John Ramsey, saying, “We’re not speaking to you,” followed by Patsy saying, “What did you do? and “Help me, Jesus.”

On top of that, it also sounds like, what specialists believe to be a small child, possibly nine-year-old Burke Ramsey, saying, “What did you find?” After this point, a female voice can be heard saying, “We’ve called the police, now what?”

Additionally, the ransom note was determined to have taken approximately 21 minutes to write according to investigators and is said to have contained several lines from the movies Dirty Harry and Speed.

Another odd coincidence was the fact that the ransom demanded was about equal to the amount that John Ramsey was given as a bonus that year.

Perhaps the most bizarre finding of all was the “maternal language” that linguistics experts say was noted in the letter. Not only this, but the misspellings that were included in the letter appeared to have been placed there on purpose, so suspicion would point to a person for whom English is not their native language. But as the experts concluded, English was the first language of whomever wrote the letter.

Could all of this information be pointing not only to the father, but to the parents as a team?

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