New Bride Gets DUMPED By Angry Groom After He Sees Her Without Make-up On

by Alexandria Willis | October 20, 2016 2:38 am


This is a story[2] about so much more than a marriage gone bad. It is a perfect case study of what is so wrong with our societal expectations concerning women and beauty. This story comes from┬áDr. Abdul Aziz Asaf who is a consultant psychologist. He shared with Gulf News┬áthat he has worked with a woman who has had to overcome insecurities and trauma after a hasty divorce. Here’s why the divorce happened.

It is a classic story. Boy meets girl. Boy thinks girl is pretty. Boy marries girl.

All pretty simple so far. Right?

But then the story continues. While on their honeymoon, they decided to go swimming. The water washes the makeup from the woman’s face. And the husband feels as though he doesn’t even know his wife.

The woman wore fake eyelashes and had undergone cosmetic surgeries prior to the marriage. And she admittedly said she meant to talk to her groom before marriage. But here is why I feel like this is the perfect story of social sickness.

We have a woman who is so infatuated with what she is told she needs to be that she will do anything, including cosmetic surgery, to look the way she is “supposed” to look. Women are objectified and marketed. There is no denying that. But it wouldn’t happen if women weren’t willing to buy the product the society constructs! And that is exactly what the woman’s side of this story represents.

And then from the man’s side. Is there any denying the shallowness of his intention in marrying this woman? He has embraced this marketable version of the woman he married. And when she was no longer that, he was done. Is there any respect in that? Is there any recognition of the beauty and dignity of womanhood here? No. There is not.


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