New NRA Ad Calls Hillary Clinton A LIAR – VIDEO

New NRA Ad Calls Hillary Clinton A LIAR – VIDEO


Hillary Clinton is a scary reality right now. She is well on her way to winning the 2016 presidential race. Luckily, we have a strong Congress that will remain as a strong last line of defense. And it is a good thing too. Because Hillary Clinton has no love for many rights that we consider to be constitutional. And as made even more obvious in Wednesday night’s debate, Hillary Clinton is no fan of the Second Amendment rights to bear guns. And she feels like that right needs to be severely limited.

Well, you would be crazy to think that the National Rifle Association is going to sit down quietly and accept her statements. They recently came out with a pretty powerful ad combating recent statements by Hillary Clinton regarding guns and gun control. Check it out:

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Do you agree with this ad? Will Hillary Clinton really lie about anything to get elected? It is definitely looking like it. And she is being widely appreciated for it. How she is managing to get the support is something I will never understand, but she is. And the repercussions could be terrifying for us. Especially if you are fond of the Second Amendment.

She has made it clear what her policies are. But according to the NRA, she has not made it clear enough. She isn’t just in favor of gun control. It is likely that she will do her very best to act on those feelings if she is elected to be the next president of the United States of America.

Trump on the other hand is in favor of maintaining those rights that we have received. That is one more area that I find myself in agreement with Trump. This nation was literally built on the backs of gun carrying individuals who were willing to protect their rights.

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