New Report: Christianity Most Persecuted Religion in 2016 [VIDEO]

New Report: Christianity Most Persecuted Religion in 2016 [VIDEO]

A shocking and revealing new study shows that in 2016, Christians remained the most persecuted religious group in the world, with around 90,000 killed because of their adherence to their faith in 2016. That’s the worst of the 2016 recap news, but the good news is that there are heartening signs things may just be turning around for persecuted Christians.


Islamic terrorism has been the source of the persecution and murder of millions of Christians worldwide every year, according to Open Doors USA. Christians all around the world have for years suffered from imprisonment, torture, rape, beheadings, church bombings and even mockingly, crucifixion, because of their faith. For the vast majority of of the last eight years, the United States under President Barack Obama and the rest of the Western world have largely ignored or tied their own hands behind them claiming one excuse over another.

It may also be that the Catholic Church will be making a change soon, as they currently are considering possible sainthood for individual Christians killed in territories controlled by the ISIS terror group.


The Middle East and Africa are still the most savage and violent areas in the world… as well as Christians living or visiting countries like Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Libya and Pakistan. But as far as state sponsored persecution, the North Korea tops the list of countries with the most intense abuse against Christians.

Breitbart addressed what they discovered on the matter:

“Massimo Introvigne, Director of the Center for Studies on New Religions (Cesnur), told Vatican Radio that around half a billion Christians in the world are unable to express their faith completely freely, while around 90,000 — one every six minutes — died for their faith in the past year alone.”

“Referring to statistics from the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, Mr. Introvigne said around 70 percent of Christians murdered in 2016 died in tribal conflicts in Africa. These deaths were included, he said, because very often they involved Christians who refuse to take up arms for reasons of conscience.”

“The other 30 percent, or 27,000, were killed in terror attacks, the destruction of Christian villages, or government persecution.”

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