New Video Exposes Democrats For Their “Broken Promises” On Obamacare – And NAILS IT!

New Video Exposes Democrats For Their “Broken Promises” On Obamacare – And NAILS IT!

With premium hikes so high that many families are wondering how they can possibly afford their own insurance, Obamacare has become a heated topic of discussion. Obama himself has acknowledged that his healthcare plan isn’t exactly doing the best job, but still arrogantly blames his failures on the Republicans.

A new video has been released that absolutely BLASTS Democrats for their lies about “affordable” healthcare, mixing in proud Democratic lawmakers bragging about their choice to support the law and news reports of continual rate increases.


Throughout the video we see some big-name Democrats telling the rest of us how the Affordable Care Act (which they don’t have to suffer under) is going to be great for America and for the party. Every so often a news report of premium increases will interrupt the brag-fest and remind us all that it’s not working.

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This might be the most powerful 2-minute video you’ve ever seen and it’s worth every second.

Watch the video below:

Everything about this video is an absolute home-run. I’m glad someone created it because it is exactly the visual representation we need right now that proves that Democrats are going to gloss over details like absurdly large premium hikes.

Please share this video with your friends, especially the liberals in your life and ask them to explain why – if Obamacare is so great – so many are losing their insurance and being forced to pay impossibly high rates.

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