New York bomb Suspect SUED Police!

New York bomb Suspect SUED Police!

Now we find out that not only is Ahmad Rahami a terrorist and a murderer, he’s an entitled whiner. Ahmad Rahami reported in a lawsuit that cops in Elizabeth, New Jersey were subjecting his family to discrimination because of their culture. Ironically, he was arrested for planting bombs around the Tri-state area… you know, his culture.


In the lawsuit, the family complained that local officials were trying to shut down their chicken restaurant that they had owned since 2002. The family complained of receiving many tickets and court summons which had no grounds according to them. Ahmad, 28, his father Mohammad Sr., 53, and his brother Mohammad, brought the lawsuit together and said that local residents also racially abused them and said: ‘Muslims don’t belong here’. The lawsuit, filed in the federal court in Newark, says that the family are from Afghanistan and are all Muslims who have owned the chicken restaurant since 2002.


From April 2009 for two years they allege that they were unfairly targeted for staying open past 10pm despite being permitted to do so.

The lawsuit says that the police had a ‘reckless disregard and deliberate indifference for plaintiff’s constitutional rights of liberty, due process and equal protection’.

The Elizabeth police department allegedly ’embarked on a course to harass, humiliate, retaliate against and force their business to close at 10pm’.

The lawsuit claims that the officers told them there was ‘too much crime around here’ and that the area around the restaurant was ‘known for criminal activity’.

The irony of it all is that just 5 years later, Ahmad was arrested for the very same thing he was fighting. Hmmm, it’s not like a person goes from selling fried chicken to building bombs in just 5 years, right? I’m wondering if anyone else can believe that Ahmad went off the reservation because he felt like he was being targeted for being a Muslim or if it’s more believable that Ahmad is a Muslim who happens to be an extremist and he’s been planning this for some time.


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