New York Fire Department Captain’s Anti-Cop Double Life Exposed [VIDEO]

New York Fire Department Captain’s Anti-Cop Double Life Exposed [VIDEO]

What kind of person takes a paycheck from the city of New York, while at the same time rapping about how much he hates some of the city’s finest employees, the police? No doubt NYPD would have this fire captain’s back in a heartbeat. But it sure doesn’t sound like he would have theirs. Read on for the shameful details and scroll down for a video of this guy’s (foulmouthed) “art”.

A New York Fire Department captain has reportedly been living a “double life” as an anti-cop rap artist.

FDNY Captain Kaseem Ryan also goes by the rap name Ka — and he has authored some inflammatory lyrics completely at odds with his life as a fire fighter, according to the New York Post.

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Ryan reportedly rapped in a 2013 song: “F*** them cops and swats with night vision. I see your traps and your plots to dead us, y’all rolling with Kojaks, n***a, I got Berettas.”

“Why do you wanna see me in a coffin, sir?” he asks in another song about police brutality against black people.

In a 2015 interview, Ryan talked about living “two lives” but didn’t fully reveal what he meant.

Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, criticized Ryan over the racially charged lyrics and said he should be trying to bring people together rather than “fracture relationships.”

Such divisiveness should be weighed when considering hiring or promoting city employees. It isn’t safe for police to be in a situation where Kaseem Ryan might need to back them up. He cannot be trusted to stand with his brothers in blue. He can say what he wants according to the First Amendment. But the city of New York does not have to allow him to be a negative influence on police morale. Perhaps Black Lives Matter has an opening?

See video below, (warning, inappropriate language):

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