Newborn Twins and One-Year-Old Son Removed by CPS because Couple Gave Birth at Home Without a Midwife

Newborn Twins and One-Year-Old Son Removed by CPS because Couple Gave Birth at Home Without a Midwife

A devoutly Christian couple from Washington claim their newborn twins and one-year-old son were taken from them by the CPS after neighbors called 911 when they heard the homebirth. Erica May Carey and Cleave Rengo had their children removed from their custody for two months in September and they say it is because they gave birth to the twins at home without the assistance of a midwife.


The parents also believe that their refusal to travel to hospital with paramedics – who were called to the house after they were alerted by Carey’s birthing cries – contributed to the CPS decision.
Despite their children being returned to them on Friday by the Superior Court of Washington, they are still under state protection and the parents have been ordered to seek counseling as a condition of their return.
Indeed, civil rights campaigners have enthusiastically taken up the cause of Carey and Rengo, claiming that the removal of their children was unlawful.

The state claims that the children were removed for health and domestic reasons and not because of the home birth. In fact, Carey and Rengo admitted that they only knew they were having twins after the first baby was born, having not had one ultrasound through the pregnancy.

When the CPS heard of the verdict they said, ‘We accept this ruling and will work with the family to provide them with services aimed at helping keep the children safe in their home.’

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The court removed one-year-old, Levi and twins Moran Kai and Daniel, both two-months-old from their parents on November 5. In his verdict to return the children, Verge said that the home-birth, ‘has no bearing whatsoever on my decision here.’

During the case which was heard in court last week, the state, ‘attempted to show an unstable household marked by numerous contacts with law enforcement … within the past two years and refusal to provide medical treatment to the children,’ according to the Bellingham Herald.

The USA Today has reported that the couple’s strict Christian beliefs, which caused them to use holistic treatments for their one-year-old’s eczema was at the center of the dispute. It was only after the couple, who are common-law married in Washington because they have never got a marriage license, decided to have their home birth that the CPS became involved.

‘I’ve done a lot of research about other women who have done it and they said the spiritual experience was so much more wholesome. It was just us. We wanted to preserve that sanctity and sacredness in our birth,’ said Carey as she justified her decision to give birth at home.

The CPS began showing up at their home after the 911 call in November and said that after they took custody of the children, one-year-old, Levi developed pneumonia and ear infections.

Assistant Attorney General Rob Olson told the Washington court that law enforcement have been in contact with the famiy 21 times since 2013. The calls related to refusal to provide medical care for their children, with concerns they were underweight and domestic issues between the couple such as Bruce Rengo’s mental health and bipolar disorder.

However, Christina Nelson-King, the attorney for the couple argued that ‘Most of the safety risk was primarily speculative,’ according to the Bellingham Herald.
‘Parents have a Constitutional right to parent as they see fit,’ Nelson-King added.

Gee, ya think? I get to parent how I want to parent. If that means my kid doesn’t get immunized, that is my right. If I want to homeschool, I will. This family was doing perfectly fine without any help from you, Washington State. The kids were happy, healthy, loved and WANTED. Basically, government, butt out of private citizens’ business. We got this.

All the babies are home now with Mama and Daddy. As it should be.


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