Fox News Host Assaulted in Brooklyn

Fox News Host Assaulted in Brooklyn

This week a lady was attacked for being a FOX News host. Most people are saying the attack was uncalled for and just more ugly Liberal nastiness. Her name is Kat Timpf, and she is on “The Fox News Specialists,”. She was suppose to speak in Brooklyn stumping for Ben Kissel, who is running for Brooklyn borough president.

She was sitting outside the Union pool in Brooklyn preparing to give her remarks. Some guy approaches her and dumps a 1.5 liter bottle of water on her, rendering her unable to give the speech. Naturally, Timpf took to twitter to explain what happened:

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Timpf was so upset and expressed her disgust for her attacker and what she sees as our polarized society.

She said that, “for whatever reason, this guy has decided that I am someone who he hates. Not for views, but as a human. Or not a human, because clearly he doesn’t see me as one, but as some sort of an abstract entity that stands for something he hates. It’s disgusting.”

High-profile people came to her side to defend her:

Timpf reported the incident to the police turning over footage of the incident to the authorities. Once again leftists prove what kind of people THEY are… tolerance? they have none… shunning hate? No they’re filled with it. Safe space? HELL NO unless you want to be a liberal lemming like them.

We have had a decade of leftists lecturing us about how to treat other people who are different. And yet, in the last few years I have seen nothing but contempt and mal treatment from the left. Beginning with the Hollywood left and news casters applauding the violence of Black Lives Matters and encouraging rage and violence against people who believe different from them. Then leaders and politicians on the left who condone violence against their enemies or who don’t stand up against it. Seriously people, WHO is the most tolerant of the political parties in America??

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