NFL REELING: Monday Night Football Has Its Lowest Rated Game in 9 YEARS [VIDEO]

NFL REELING: Monday Night Football Has Its Lowest Rated Game in 9 YEARS [VIDEO]

Just when you thought the ratings might have been just a fluke…they aren’t. We are talking the NFL overnight rating; we are STILL talking about a league that is taking on more water than it is fans.


Yes, it may be true that the Bills and Seahawks was the most-watched program on television, according to Sports Business Daily, but it also showed what has been happening all season – a significant loss – from last year’s same Week 9 Monday Night Football game between the Bears and Chargers.

The Seahawks-Bills game rounded up a 7.8 overnight rating, which is the weakest showing for a week 9 game since the year 2007.

Yes, it’s true that the NFL has pointed its politically correct sausage fingers at the election as a major reason for the ratings slump, SBD noted that the last time ESPN had aired a game on the same day as an election, the rating was 9.5.

Just like Sunday night, the NFL should be totally obsessed with the lower viewership on Monday night because all signs would in theory point to a big turn out. The Seahawks-Bills game should have pushed viewership to a much higher level, because not only did the game showcase a high-profile home team with a high-profile quarterback going up against one of the more high-profile head coaches in the sport, but it also turned out to be one of these dream games that played it close on the board all the way to the final minute.

Even with all that, it failed to draw the same ratings as last year’s Week 9 meeting between the 2-5 Bears and 2-6 Chargers.

To update a figure from Monday, ratings have now declined on a year to year basis.


While the reasons for the ratings decline are many, Saints quarterback Drew Brees put the blame on the drop solely on the shoulders of the top dogs in charge – specifically, Roger Goodell.

Brees spoke with reporters:

“We feel like [the decline in TV ratings] is a direct result. I know the players don’t have any faith in the way that things are conducted within the front office in the NFL — certainly when it comes to any type of investigation, when it comes to any type of commissioner discipline, it’s really kind of a joke at this point, unfortunately. And it shouldn’t be like that.”

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