NFL’s Ignorance Of ‘Taking A Knee’ Lead To Ratings Drop, Now Advertisers Want Their Money Back! [VIDEO]

NFL’s Ignorance Of ‘Taking A Knee’ Lead To Ratings Drop, Now Advertisers Want Their Money Back! [VIDEO]

Time to face the music. The NFL is in deep doo doo! This year’s season viewership has tanked dramatically. How much has it tanked? Let’s just say it hasn’t been this low since 1970 and 1970 was the inception of the NFL! That’s saying something huge and it’s up to the NFL to realize why.


Could it be people are having more fun watching two disgusting candidates to bother with games? Nope. Let’s just say that it all started with a certain player taking a knee during the National Anthem in a misplaced show of support for the inaccurate claim that police are murdering blacks all over the nation. Yup. Colin Kapernick just screwed the NFL…and he’s not even good!

The pathetic ratings, down %14, is moving pissed off sponsors to demand their money back from Goodell and his NFL. Poor showings have major sponsors nervous as hell.

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The protest against Colin Kaepernick and his unpatriotic display is growing crazy fast and the NFL is seriously distressed! DeMaurice Smith, the NFL Player’s Association spokesman commented that it is a “huge concern” for his organization.

Reports on the downturn and the cause of it:

‘The Colin Kaepernick-led player protests may be hurting the NFL broadcast networks where its hurts them the most: in the pocketbook.

With NFL TV ratings plunging by double-digits over the first quarter of the 2016 season, some NFL TV networks are being forced to provide so-called “make-goods” to advertisers, media sources tell Sporting News.

When advertisers and ad agencies buy commercial time on NFL partner TV networks, they’re promised certain numbers in terms of ratings and audiences. If the game fails to reach those numbers, the networks have to “make good” for the audience shortfall by providing the equivalent of free commercial time.

The last thing TV networks want to do is give back valuable commercial time, especially when ad rates for a 30-second TV commercials during NFL games cost anywhere from $500,000 to $600,000 for prime time games on Madison Avenue.

But if NFL TV ratings continue to fall, it could cost the league’s partner networks — CBS, NBC, Fox, ESPN and NFL Network — millions worth of make-good ads.’

NFL…it turns out you don’t have a monopoly on the American people. This is the effect of your players’ ’causes’.

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