Nine Men Arrested For Running A Fraudulent Dating Site with Almost 3 Million Men And Only ONE Real Woman

by Jennifer Van Laar | June 11, 2015 12:10 pm

Online dating is hard enough as it is. It takes time, money, and the ability to connect with someone that you have never actually met in real life. Tetsuo Miura, founder of Tetsuo Miura Group, set up three phony dating sites back in 2004 with the hopes that many people would spend a lot of money and never actually meet the person in real life to whom they had been talking.[1]


Almost 3 million men were signed up across three dating sites, completely unaware that they were actually speaking and flirting with men who were paid to pretend to be women.

Police raided the homes of nine executives behind the scam, which had men paying 80,000 Yen (£475) to subscribe to Japan’s biggest social network site and phone line app.

The women’s profiles were all fake, with men being paid to be ‘meat men’, as they were nicknamed, and lure men into paying for the service by posing as attractive women. They even used photographs stolen from other dating sites.

Tetsuo Miura Group set the sites up in 2004 and have made 6.6billion Yen (£34m) in fees.

One bloke that fell for the scam reportedly paid the equivalent of almost £69,000 speaking to what he believed to be hot girls that were interested in him. Gutted.

Founder Tetsuo Miura, 42, and eight other workers were arrested on suspicion of fraud.

Especially in internet dating, “buyer beware” is always a good theme to live by. There will always be shady businessmen looking to profit off sexual desire.

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