No-Nonsense Texas Professor Sends EPIC Letter to Snowflake College Students [VIDEO]

by Just An American | November 22, 2016 1:27 pm

These millennial aged college students we keep hearing about are not letting up. Their tantrums range from handing out dildos campus wide for gender neutral bathrooms, to gatherings to cry together for ‘safe places’ to retreat to when they need to lick their wounds… everything you can possibly think of that does not matter, matters to them and they want the world to know that their feelings are hurt and the world should be catering to their every offended need.


Newsflash snowflakes…you have my permission to go slap yourselves.[2]

Get a grip, tell your parents they did wrong by you with their 2-second time-outs to think about why it’s the universe’s fault you made a bad decision and have a basket of trophies ready to give you every time you didn’t feel like a winner…

Sigh…I laugh at it, but it’s really quite sad. These kids are in no way prepared to reach their potential. Their need for ‘safe places’ every time they feel ‘triggered’ ensures that.

What they need is a no-nonsense policy called “Build A Bridge And Get Over It” and at this particular college there is a professor who just issued the most epic of letters that you’re going to find you appreciate a lot more than you thought you would.

They need no-nonsense…and this Professor is giving it to them.

After reading the article and reflecting on my often repeated statement to you that “I don’t care how you FEEL, I care what you THINK,” it occurred to me that perhaps I have been a bit too harsh. Therefore, in the spirit of dealing with the wounds of those feeling grief and unbearable angst over the election, Kim’s tragic Paris robbery, the heart wrenching Brangelina break-up or other similar tragedy, I would like to do my part. While I can’t offer “arts and crafts” or a “therapy dog,” the Energy Commerce Department has arranged for free hugs from our therapy boa constrictor. Please go to room 139 to schedule a session should you feel the need.

Have a great day. It’s great to be a Red Raider!”

BAHAHAHAHA! Yes, it was a joke. HE WAS JOKING. Do you think however, that his joke was received well by the sensitive overly offended cry babies?

Well…yes, surprisingly. However, this professor is in Texas, talking to Texan students. But on the east coast…popping out of the wood works of ‘none of your business’, students were NOT taking it as a joke.

“It was a joke and they took it as a joke. Apparently some people on the east coast did not take it as a joke.”

Yes, they are offended and frantically seeking their ‘safe places’ as we speak.

Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is one of the reasons this country needs Trump. There will be no timeouts or trophies for these kids. Only hard work, expectations and learning they CAN do hard things. Now that people who know better don’t have to be afraid of being shunned for trying to do what is necessary.

I can’t wait.

Just for fun…you’ve got to check out this video from South Park. It’s hilarious.

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