Nobody Here But Us Minor League Scouts For Crackpots

by John Hawkins | October 21, 2002 12:15 am

Nobody Here But Us Minor League Scouts For Crackpots: The anti-semites who like to haunt the Pravda forums[1] finally noticed that we featured them in a couple (here[2], here[3]) of A.C.P.O.T.I. episodes and some of their comments were entertaining…

bigdave ads a little random paranoia…

bigdave: “A few years back someone in a Scandinavian country set up a website which would allow users to surf the web anonymously using his site as a portal. Several more similar sites appeared very soon afterward. Later someone said that most of the new sites were not simple copycats but were CIA plants. They simply wanted to get a handle on who wanted privacy so that they could attempt to find a reason why they wanted it. Eventually a court action forced the closure of the first site and I have no idea what happened to the others. If you are using one, beware, it is probably a CIA front.”

Atossa thinks I’m a “Jew web watcher”…

Atossa: “I saw this website months ago… it wasn’t worth the effort of posting about… I wonder why Pravda’s forum has not been mentioned on the more official jew web watchers like the Soviet jew or ADL websites?!”

The KingOfWhiteTrash thinks I’m a scout, “beating the bush leagues” for anti-semitism…

KingOfWhiteTrash: “I’ve been around baseball for most of my life and I gotta tell ya, this guy looks like a scout that’s hitched his wagon to some bum lefty kid that couldn’t throw strikes in the clutch if you held a gun to his head. I see this John Hawkins guy as a minor league scout kinda guy.

He fancies himself a scout for the “major leagues of antisemitism”, and just wants his prospect (Pravda in this case) to get the recognition he thinks the prospect deserves, so that the “sharp eyed” scout (Mr Hawkins, in this case) might reap some recognition for his years of beating the bush leagues in search of talent for the big leagues…”

At least one guy gets it =)

GiBi: One could speculate in the fact that some “interesting” Pravda “dialogue” ended un in a “crackpot” section. Could it be the right on for most of what’s going on here?

GiBi my man, you are a beacon of reason in a sea of idiocy. I’m proud to have served in the Mossad with you for the last five years — whoops! Where’s the delete button on this thing?!?!

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