Note In Arabic Found With NYC Bomb… Call Says There Will Be More Bombings

Note In Arabic Found With NYC Bomb… Call Says There Will Be More Bombings

Police have found some very disturbing leads in the Chelsea bombing this last Saturday. The greatest suspicion is Muslim extremists who are claiming credit for the terror that injured dozens. The bomb in Chelsea injured 29 people, all discharged from the hospital. Another pressure-cooker bomb was found stashed in a Dumpster four blocks away.


Police are investigating just WHAT happened. While the leads come in, there are three in particular that have grabbed the attention of the press:

Lead #1 – A hand-written letter, a portion of which was in Arabic, was found inside the plastic bag that also held the second device.

Lead #2 – A 911 unidentified male caller warned of further explosions and the call went like this: “I’m looking at the explosion down the block. There will be more.”

Lead #3 – A Tumblr page called ‘I’m the NY Bomber’ that claims to be the “manifesto” of the bomber responsible for the explosion that rocked New York City Saturday night. HERE.

Manufacturing Test Explosives


You probably have all seen the news by now,

the explosives detonated in New York City, that was me. Those were just some tests, I know where I have made errors and I will not make the same mistake next time.

I did it because I cannot stand society.

I cannot live in a world where homosexuals like myself as well as the rest of the LGBTQ+ community are looked down upon by society.

It is 2016 and we are still being viewed as mentally ill, sinners, attention seekers, and just plain weirdos in general. I am not going to stand by while under classed and underprivileged people are oppressed. I am not going to stand by while there is inequality in my country such as the racism being seen in white police officers all over the country. I am not going to live in a country where it is OK to have a misogynist, xenophobic, racist Islamophobic, republican candidate running for President of The United States! That’s implying that republicans in general should even be taken seriously as they are all cisgendered privileged white people.

This is not the end, this is just the beginning. I will be remembered. I will make a difference. I will eliminate my targets before it is too late.

Someone is lying and it’s just sick that anyone would want to claim this, especially one who didn’t even do it. Trying to benefit off of other’s terror is as base as you can go next to being the perpetrator.


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