Nothing Says “I Am Teh Sexe!” Like Burger King Body Spray

by John Hawkins | December 17, 2008 3:40 am

Over at the The Guardian[1], they’ve got a story on — believe it or not, a Burger King body spray,

Still can’t think what to get him for Christmas? Socks don’t seem to cut it any more? Fret no longer because Burger King is here to help.

The mass purveyor of grilled meat is offering, for a limited time, something even better than their usual piles of beef patties. This week, American men were given the chance to smell like their favourite meat snack with the launch of Flame, Burger King’s contribution to the perfume market.

The company describes Flame as “the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat”.

Astonishingly, this elixir costs a mere $3.99 (:£2.65). By contrast, one of its competitors, Chanel No 5, for example, costs more than $80.

Flame, a body spray for men, was launched this week online and in a selection of US stores, the list of which can be found on the perfume’s website, which is named, appropriately, FireMeetsDesire[2].

There, prospective buyers are greeted with what sounds like a melange of Barry White music and an interactive spray can which does not, disappointingly, emit a ray of French fries but morphs into a photograph of scented candles.

Burger King body spray? I mean, I could sort of understand meat flavored perfume. That might not be the best idea in the world, but it’s easy to understand the concept. “Not only is she gorgeous — she smells like steak! Mmmmmmm!” But, what woman is into a guy who smells like a Whopper and onion rings?

Anyway, I headed over to FireMeetsDesire[2] and was surprised to find that at first glance, it appeared real. You could actually go to a website where you can supposedly buy FLAME Body Spray[3].

Still, the website seemed more than a little cheesy. It had the Barry White voice going and eventually if you clicked through enough screens, this nightmare image that will haunt your dreams forever popped up,

I'm Here To Murder Your Soul!

All said, I’m not sure whether this website is a complete goof by BK or a goof with a gag product tie-in, but either way, it’s a brilliant marketing ploy that will undoubtedly produce a lot of buzz for Burger King over the next few days.

Hat tip to Wolking’s World[4] for the story.

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