Now. America. Is. A. Good. Place. We. Are. Good. People.

Anyone with more brain cells than a ripe tomato knew that Barack Obama and Bill Ayers are buddies and far more than passing acquaintances in the snobby Chicago neighborhood where they, without irony, reside. Now, the press has decided to pretend at interest.

From Ace:

The truth is not a smear. What we established to prove was that he was the sort of guy comfortable being friends with a radical bomb-building terrorist. Which he was.

There is no disagreement on the facts here: Ayers and Obama were and are “friends.” Ayers and Obama merely dissembled on the facts until The One could be elected.

The only dispute is over the interpretation of those facts — the unrepentant terrorist and Marxist Bill Ayers thinks he’s a pretty awesome guy on balance, of course, so there’s nothing wrong with palling around with him.

But do note they avoided an argument over the interpretation of the facts by lying about the facts until now.

The coconspirator media, of course, aiding and abetting them every step of the way.

Ayers was the purported “terrorist” Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was referring to when she claimed that Obama was “palling around with terrorists.”

Purported? Claimed?

Oh, right, it’s the Chicago Sun-Times.

You know, I’m not surprised that Obama tried to obfuscate his friendships with scumbags. I’m not surprised the press did anything and everything to get their ray of perfect sunshine on a rainbow elected. Now. America. Is. A. Good. Place. We. Are. Good. People.

What am I surprised about? Not surprised. Bothered. I’m bothered that people want to believe obvious untruths because they want to believe there are easy answers. Or they want to believe that one man can be the magic salve.

And so, everyone tries to create this Age of Aquarius. John Mayer of Your Body Is A Wonderland fame, will be doing a variety show that I’ve heard described as a throwback to the 60s. Oh, blech.

Could the hypocritical hippies be any more self-indulgent? Fat on the capitalist ham, they now try to make America into a daisy patch. On the one hand, they foment envy and discontent. On the other, they luxuriate in hope and changiness language as if their moonbeam wishes will make it so.

And Americans bought it. As deceptive, manipulative, and disingenuous as the press and the Obama’s campaign managed to be (somehow I doubt we’ll ever know boy genius’s academic or health history since it won’t serve the narrative), the claims were so patently absurd that people had to realize they were being played.

So, and I’m thinking out loud here, people had to know they were played. So, did people really believe Obama’s 95% tax-cut promise (also retardedly obviously impossible)? Or, was McCain’s message so vague, that people just thought “what the hell!” and voted for Barack Obama? We need change and we have the side benefit of feeling good about our goodness.

Okay, I’ll stop now. I just know I’m sick of the self-congratulation around electing Barack Obama. It’s only a surprise if you believe that Americans are racist hate-mongers. Which I’ve never believed. So enough of the self-love already.

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