Now Chavez Can Be President for Life

by Van Helsing | February 16, 2009 1:09 pm

Obama’s Venezuelan prototype is now potentially dictator for life[1]:

President Hugo Chavez says a referendum victory that removed limits on his re-election is a mandate to intensify his socialist agenda for decades to come. Opponents warn of an impending dictatorship. …

With the courts, the legislature and the election council all under his influence, and now with no limits on his re-election, officials say Chavez is virtually unstoppable.

“Effectively this will become a dictatorship,” opposition leader Omar Barboza told The Associated Press. “It’s control of all the powers, lack of separation of powers, unscrupulous use of state resources, persecution of adversaries.”

Closer to home, Dem Congresscreep Jose Serrano has already begun efforts to repeal the 22nd Amendment[2], so that the Moonbat Messiah might guide us into socialism forever and ever.

However, Hopey Change may encounter some resistance in Venezuela:

“Chavez’s intention is clear: He aspires to be president for life,” said Michael Shifter of the Inter-American Dialogue in Washington. “He is convinced he embodies the popular will and is indispensable to the country’s progress. But his capacity to pull this off is far from assured.”

He said the global financial crisis and the plunging price of oil, which accounts for 94 percent of Venezuela’s exports and nearly half its federal budget, will limit Chavez’s ability to maintain the level of public spending that has fueled his popularity.

Likewise, the obscene orgy of public spending in Washington will be brought down to earth by economic realities. The Dems are counting on their control of the media to deflect the blame for the disaster they have made inevitable with Porkzilla — but the public may not be as stupid as our rulers assume.

Serrano brown-nosing Chavez.

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