NY spends $28M to create 76 jobs: Your tax dollars at work

by John Brodgian | April 13, 2015 8:05 am

Start-Up NY, where if you start a new business you don’t pay taxes for ten years.  Of course, after that you’re still stuck in the highest taxed state in the country. Also, there are strings attached, and the jobs creation goals have fallen short[1].


You’ve seen Andrew Cuomo’s TV commercials, the ones that say, “The new New York is open. Open to innovation. Open to ambition. Open to bold ideas.” The spot is promoting the Start-Up NY program.

Now the results are starting to come in: 76 jobs so far.

In the entire state. From a program that has spent $28 million advertising its own existence.

That’s $368,000 per job.

We all love tax cuts, but as the article says, this is a narrow tax cut, “only for certain kinds of businesses that do certain kinds of things in certain areas of the state.”  The five year goal was for 2100 jobs.

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