NY Times Sits on Dissent to Bill Ayers

by Van Helsing | December 24, 2008 11:25 am

On September 11, 2001, the New York Times ran a piece[1] on unrepentant and unpunished communist terrorist Bill Ayers, the guy who launched Barack Obama’s political career[2] from his living room. Ayers crowed that he wished he had done more in the way of setting off bombs in public buildings. More recently, the Gray Lady ran an editorial written by Ayers himself[3], in which he attempts to portray his terrorist career as harmless and well-meaning.

Appallingy, the Times then refused to run a rebuttal by FBI informant Larry Grathwohl, who has first-hand knowledge to counter Ayers’s lies. Fortunately, we can get information elsewhere. Grathwohl’s rebuttal is online at Pajamas Media[4]. He makes it clear that Ayers’s goal was not to end the war in Vietnam, as he spins it now to purring liberal approval, but to destroy the USA — and he targeted not only property but innocent lives. An apt comparison is made:

I must conclude by acknowledging that in one respect Bill is probably being absolutely truthful. When he says that “I never killed or injured anyone,” he is most likely being totally honest. Bill, like Charles Manson, never exposed himself to any kind of danger. He always gave orders and then left it to his then-girlfriend, Diane Oughton, and others to implement his plan. If you listen closely you can even hear the similarities in the arguments Manson and Billy use today to justify what they did: the 60s made me do it.

Grathwohl isn’t the first to draw parallels between Obama’s mentor and Charles Manson. His wife and fellow terrorist Bernardine Dohrn invented the “fork salute[5]” in honor of the fork Manson’s fiends plunged into Sharon Tate’s pregnant belly.

These are the people the New York Times gladly provides with a soapbox, and whose protégés it helps install in the White House, while ignoring their detractors. It will be a markedly better world when this vile publication no longer exists[6].

Bill Ayers
The Times provides a voice for vermin.

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