NYT: Global Warming Is Turning Polar Bears Into ‘Climate Refugees’

NYT: Global Warming Is Turning Polar Bears Into ‘Climate Refugees’

The New York Times actually agrees that Arctic-dwelling polar bears are “climate refugees,” fleeing for their lives from melting sea ice, which of course according to all the radical politicians, activists and media outlets, is caused by humans…these basket cases are really looking for anything to call a ‘refugee’.


Polar bears are moving away from their conventional hunting grounds and toward areas in Canada, Russia and Alaska, the NYT wrote Sunday, because sea ice is at an all time high when it comes to melting.

The NYT says that polar bears may seem healthy and at ease in their environments, but they’re just putting on a show of course! Those that migrate closer inland “are climate refugees, on land because the sea ice they rely on for hunting seals is receding.”

…Now that we got that out of the way, the extinction of the polar bear is not as eminent as the NYT tries to fear monger it’s gullible readers into believing.


Environmentalists have exhausted themselves for years in attempts to place polar bears on the CITES’ “Appendix I” list, which includes animals considered threatened by immediate extinction. What stopped them was the regulators that have continued to balk at the campaign earlier this year, when they proclaimed polar bears would remain on “Appendix II” – a list declaring a species to be endangered, but otherwise fine for the time being.

Polar bears are protected by the Endangered Species Act because of their ‘potential’ to become extinct… not dying due to ‘global warming.’ But check this out – the NYT acknowledges that the species MAY NOT be that close to extinction and do you know why? Maybe it’s because there are only three groups of the 19 polar bear populations in the Arctic that are actually considered at any risk.

That’s right. There are six other populations that are stable and even one that they know is definitely increasing. As for the rest? Scientists actually have so little information about the other 9 groups of polar bears, that they can’t even gauge their numbers or their health.

So basically, NYT writes a misleading article head, hoping it’s readers will take it at face value. They cover their bases by putting the info. inside, but display a tone and a title that would suggest the polar bears are a dying breed. Talk about ‘fake news’.

Many of the NYT’s claims, of course, are based off of belief and not real actual data…because if they did that, it would show that the climate is taking its natural cyclical route across the world and it’s not being controlled by man’s carbon footprint.

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