Obama And The Great Weaknesses Of Reasonable Men

by John Hawkins | November 3, 2008 8:54 am

The average person in the U.S. distrusts the mainstream media because it’s essentially an arm of the Obama campaign and the average person distrusts the new media because it leans ideologically in the other direction.

So, average people look for clues to figure out what to believe and if they’re not sure about something, they tend to fall back on what they’ve previously believed to be true.

In Obama’s case, when the average person tries to figure out what Obama is all about, he looks at his Democratic friends he knows at the office. He looks back to the Clinton years when the Democratic Party was more moderate — and Newt Gingrich and Company were keeping Clinton in line — and that’s about what most of them think Obama is going to be. Even some of these big name mediocrities, like Christopher Buckley, who’ve endorsed Obama, do the same thing: they’re supporting him while publicly announcing that they think he’s lying about what he really believes.

However, the people who run the Democratic Party today are radical liberals and Obama himself has more in common with Castro or Brezhnev than he does with, say John Kennedy or Harry Truman — but the American people just can’t bring themselves to believe that — yet.

So, they hear a lot of the negatives about Obama, but those things are so alien to their way of thinking that they can’t truly believe he means what he says.

* He wants skyrocketing energy prices? Can’t be!
* He wants to bankrupt the coal industry! No way.
* He wants a fascistic “civilian defense force” that’s as well funded as the military for God only knows what nefarious purpose?
* He supports groups that promote voter fraud like ACORN, terrorists like Bill Ayers, and anti-white demagogues like Jeremiah Wright? That just can’t be the truth!
* He opposed letting babies that survive an abortion and make it outside the womb have a doctor. No way!
* He supported a complete ban on handguns. That must have been a mistake!

You can go on and on with these beliefs — but as Margaret Thatcher[1] once said,

“It is one of the great weaknesses of reasonable men and women that they imagine that projects which fly in the face of commonsense are not serious or being seriously undertaken.”

Because people have heard the truth about this guy but won’t believe it, we’re about to enter the most dangerous period for America’s future since WW2.

All we can do at this point is vote, hope for a miracle on Tuesday, and then get up, brush ourselves off, and spend the next four years fighting to make sure America is still a “shining city on a hill” when the Democratic band of jackals that will be in charge in D.C. are finished looting, pillaging, and despoiling it for their own purposes.

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