Obama Claims America Has “By No Means Overcome The Legacies Of Slavery” In Trevor Noah Interview…

Obama Claims America Has “By No Means Overcome The Legacies Of Slavery” In Trevor Noah Interview…

The President of the United States has made one of the stupidest remarks of his presidency, as he suggested that the country has ‘by no means overcome the legacies of slavery and Jim Crow and colonialism and racism.’


…Says the man that became President on the backs of MILLIONS of white voters. You sir, are a liar. You hold the highest and most privileged office in the land and you have the audacity to claim that the people who put you there, we Americans, are still struggling with ‘legacies of slavery’? I’ll say it again. You are a liar and wholly undeserving of the title of President of the ‘United’ States of America.

Obama made this statement on the Daily Show with the equally as condescending or horrible FAKE-NEWS ANCHOR, host Trevor Noah. Noah couldn’t help but feel giddy about pointing out their similar biracial backgrounds and asked the outgoing president how he had maneuvered about talking on race through his White House tenure… Did I mention this was actually an interview with a FAKE NEWS ANCHOR? Seriously.

The president said he had held onto a belief that ‘those who are not subject to racism can sometimes have blind spots… I always felt that if I always knew that and communicated it as clearly as I could, that I’d be OK.’

The president also claimed that he has had to sit back and think about how to talk about racial issues ‘diplomatically’.

He said, ‘…So there have been very few instances where I’ve said, “Well, that was racist. You are racist.’ There are times I have said, “You may not have taken into account the ongoing legacy of racism for why we have so many black men incarcerated. And since I know that you believe in the Constitution and believe in justice and believe in liberty, how about if we try this?’

The incarcerated number of black men are higher because, well, let’s just say you don’t go to prison for following the law. What the hell is this? Are the law enforcement of this nation rounding up as many black males as they can to put in prison, or are they breaking laws? What’s more feasible? Do innocent black males go to prison? You bet. I would stake my life on that… But so do whites. And Hispanics. And Asians. And every other race.


The President speaks of handling the ‘racial issues DIPLOMATICALLY’? When in the last 8 years has ANYTHING having to do with race been handled diplomatically by him? Name one time! It’s ‘Mr. Jumps to Conclusions’ when a black man is shot by a white officer, EVERY TIME! The President couldn’t even wait to have a shred of evidence before he started condemning law enforcement.

This guy has been given the most leeway, the most power and the furthest reach of ANY President before him, excluding maybe George Washington himself… And he threw it all out the window, filling the void with Marxist idealism, economic and cultural destruction. This man could have truly been a Nelson Mandela, or greater… But he’s sewn lies and division in class and race. He’s a charlatan and nothing said in this fake news interview is worth discussing anymore.


Because the President will be leaving office with a Republican majority Senate, Republican Majority House of Representatives and a Republican controlled White House…

The people have rejected you and your policies of the last 8 years. That’s your legacy and no fake news, echo-chambered, Daily Show interview is going to change that. Goodbye and good riddance.

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