Obama Has Just Thrown His Own Country Under The Bus At The UN, Inviting International Ridicule

by Greg Campbell | May 13, 2015 3:24 pm

President Obama despises this country and desperately seeks to radically transform and weaken it. Now, according to a report from Western Journalism[1], our so-called “leader” has thrown our nation under the bus in the United Nations.


When President Obama launched what critics widely called his “apology tour” shortly after his first inauguration, he made highly publicized speeches in a number of other countries in which he repeatedly pointed the finger of blame at the United States for its supposed past transgressions. For instance, he traveled to another country and chastised his own nation for having “shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive” toward Europe.

As Karl Rove wrote in an April 2009 commentary for The Wall Street Journal[3], “President Barack Obama has finished the second leg of his international confession tour. In less than 100 days, he has apologized on three continents for what he views as the sins of America and his predecessors.”

Now, once again, the president has shown he is more than willing to paint the U.S. in a very bad light. He has put his stamp of approval on a report from the State Department to the United Nations in which the administration cites what it claims are widespread human rights violations within the U.S. itself. Breitbart News[4] notes that the alleged violations cited in the report to the U.N. Human Rights Council include a number of so-called abuses which many say Obama and his radical policies have caused or worsened:

– Police brutality, including the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri
– Discrimination against Muslims who want to build or expand mosques
– Voter identification laws in Texas and elsewhere
– Predatory lending in home mortgages
– Suspension of black children in schools
– Women earning “78 cents on the dollar” (a false statistic)

And what’s been the reaction from other member countries of the United Nations — countries in which human rights abuses have often been documented? Breitbart says the U.S. has come under withering criticism from a “variety of dictatorships,” including Pakistan, Russian, China, and Iran.

“Iran, for example, complained about racial discrimination in the United States, among other criticisms, calling on the U.S. to ‘protect the rights of African-Americans against police brutality.’”

Following the Obama administration’s report to the U.N., the headline on the Middle East-based Al Jazeera[5]network blared: “US cited for police violence, racism in scathing UN review on human rights.” In fact, as the Al Jazeera report does not make clear, it was the President of the United States himself, through his own State Department, who condemned his own country’s human rights record and subjected America once again to scorn and ridicule in a troubled world where Obama’s “apology tour” supposedly elevated other nations’ opinion of the United States.

Say what you want about Jimmy Carter- he was inept and a buffoon, but few doubt that he actually loved his country. He was simply a poor leader.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, despises this nation in the same way that his radical mentors did and he has irreversibly weakened our standing in the world through his carefully-crafted efforts to undermine our nation.

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