Obama Just Got Served A HUGE International ONE FINGER SALUTE From Israel

Obama Just Got Served A HUGE International ONE FINGER SALUTE From Israel


President Barack Obama has made a lot of things very clear. One is how he feels about Donald Trump as the President-elect and his ability to be an effective Commander-in-Chief while working in other countries with their leaders. While in Japan, President Barack Obama made comments about how world leaders are afraid of Donald Trump becoming a world power.

But it looks like President to be, Donald Trump might be a better fit. And many countries are looking forward to the transition.

As reported by World Israel News, “Washington expressed reservations about a proposed Israeli bill that would save thousands of Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria. The Obama administration on Monday stated its opposition to the Regulation Bill, saying it was “deeply concerned about it.”

Obama has proven to be unwilling to work with Israel as a nation. And they are so ready for Donald Trump to become the president. They are ready for a president who cares about them and their concerns and does not put other dangerous countries of the Middle East before them. Israel has been our most consistent, trustworthy and beneficial ally in the Middle East. They have always had our back and for the last eight years we have not had their backs.

Obama’s justification for not stepping up has a lot to do with fear of offending others. Toner outlines their thoughts here:

“And again, it all goes back to what Secretary Kerry was discussing at the Saban Forum the other day, which is the more you create the realities on the ground that would prohibit a two-state solution, then the harder it’s going to be to get to that two-state solution,” Toner said.

Trump has a lot of work to do to rebuild these relationships. Here’s to hoping he is the guy to do it….


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