Obama Just SLAPPED Hard Working Americans Who Work Paycheck To Paycheck – This Is Awful…

by Warner Todd Huston | July 2, 2016 6:24 pm

As many Americans despair because they can’t even find a job, and as costs for everything soars thanks to Obama’s seriously failing economy, some Americans seem to be doing juuuust fine. At least, if you are a recipient of food stamps on electronic benefits cards, anyway, and this outrageous example should infuriate every American.

Recently a receipt found in a Liberty, Kentucky, Save-a-Lot store from someone who uses an electronic benefits card (EBT) was discovered showing a mind boggling balance on it…

Boy, wouldn’t it be nice to have the federal government hand you more than $5,000 to spend at the grocery store? For free??

As Conservative Tribune[1] notes:

That’s $3,000 more than The Motley Fool estimated was in the average American’s checking account, and nearly a year of welfare payments, according to a liberal columnist at Forbes Magazine who was attempting to persuade Americans that welfare recipients struggle to get by.

I don’t think my household spends $5,000 for a whole year on food!!

Of course, we all know that this *free* five grand is not free. Oh, sure, the welfare recipient may be getting a great deal, but it is the rest of us paying the bills.

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