Obama Landed in Cuba… Watch What Happened As Soon as He Stepped Off His Jet

by Just An American | March 21, 2016 12:45 pm

Well he’s there….Obama is in Cuba[1]. This marks the first time in 90 years that an American President has set foot on the communist island. Bet he feels real special…

Screen shot 2016-03-21 at 11.27.48 AM[2]

CBS New York reported:

Wielding an umbrella on a rainy Havana afternoon, Obama and his family stepped off of Air Force One and were greeted by top Cuban officials — but not Raul Castro.

The Cuban leader frequently greets major world figures upon their arrival at Jose Marti International Airport, but was absent on the tarmac.

Instead, he planned to greet Obama on Monday at the Palace of the Revolution.
Castro’s perceived snub was noticed by many people, including one of the men hoping to replace Obama next January:

While there is some debate over whether or not it’s normal for the Cuban leader to appear on the tarmac when another head of state enters the country, Twitchy did note that Castro greeted Pope Francis at José Martí Airport not once, but twice, over the last six months:

The White House later commented on Castro’s absence at the airport, saying that the president wasn’t offended by the slight. Obama added that it was “never contemplated or discussed” that the Cuban leader would be on the tarmac upon his arrival.

I’m feeling a little ticked… he’s off trying to be a “peacemaker” with Cuba, while the people of his own country are at each other’s throats. This man disgusts me… ASSHAT!

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