Obama Now Dictating What Cars Will Be Made

Obviously the Moonbat Messiah is not showering $billions of our money on failed auto companies without expecting something in return. He wants what liberals always want — coercive power:

[D]espite Obama’s protestations that he has no interest in running auto companies, it’s clear that —with huge sums of federal tax money sunk into Chrysler and GM — he will be very hands-on.

The U.S. government will appoint four of the nine board members of the new Chrysler, with alliance partner Fiat naming only three and the UAW and Canadian government getting one spot each.

And one condition of Fiat boosting its stake in Chrysler from 20% to 35% is that Fiat-Chrysler build a 40-miles-per-gallon car in the United States.

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Yes, the U.S. government, as a quid pro quo for surrendering more control of Chrysler to Fiat, is dictating what kind of cars must be built.

A community activist is now in charge of what cars are made. At least this is good news for Toyota — except that when no one wants to buy the government-mandated golf carts squirted out by Detroit in the brief intervals between union coffee breaks, tariffs will be imposed to make real cars unaffordable.

But there is a bright side: the more people are killed driving flimsy little death traps, the less polar bear–oppressing CO2 will be emitted.

Coming soon from post–free market Detroit.

Hat tip: theblogprof. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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