Obama Refuses To Take Responsibility For Rising ‘Health Premiums’-Blames Republicans

Obama Refuses To Take Responsibility For Rising ‘Health Premiums’-Blames Republicans

Here’s a real brain-teaser: If Obamacare premiums are rising, whose fault is it? Well, according to Obama, Republicans! This despite the fact that not one Republican voted to pass the healthcare bill that has caused so much frustration and heartache for so many Americans.

Still trying to figure out how that whole liberal logic thing works, but as far as I can tell it’s not any kind of logic at all.


According to President Obama, there is nothing wrong with Obamacare and the insurance companies and Republicans are responsible for the huge hike in premiums that have taken place. So of course, he’s not responsible for the what could very well be the biggest “accomplishment” he’s known for once he’s out of office.

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“No, I had nothing to do with that,” Obama said, calling it “complicated” despite the “hysteria” that was growing.

Obama traveled to Florida to argue that Obamacare was working well, but needed to be fixed.

During his speech, he pointed out that when smart phone companies released a product that had bugs in it, they fixed it.

“Unless it catches fire. Then they pull it off the market,” he admitted, likely referring to the disastrous exploding Samsung Galaxy S7. 

Let’s stop right there so I can address that. Healthcare is nothing like a smart phone. I can deal with a few bugs in my phone, because it’s ultimately nothing more than a modern luxury. But having a phone that might accidentally turn off sometimes because of a defect is nothing like having to pay thousands of dollars for insurance you could barely afford in the first place. How dare you made such an inane comparison knowing there are families out there who can’t indulge in your “affordable healthcare” and are forced to suffer while their conditions and illnesses go untreated? You really are the most tone deaf President we’ve ever had.

“We’re not going to go back,” Obama said, challenging Republicans who repeatedly called for an Obamacare repeal.

The president argued that most people got their health care from their jobs, insisting that Obamacare didn’t even affect their premiums or health policy changes.

“These are decisions made by your employers, it’s not because of Obamacare,” he said.

He blamed Republicans for failing to sign up more young people into the insurance pools, and continuing to block the expansion of Medicare.

“Part of this is because health care is complicated,” he admitted.

Indeed, Mr. President, healthcare is complicated. Clearly it’s too complicated for you and the government should steer clear of trying to regulate it into submission, because it’s not working. Oh, and there’s that whole pesky it’s-not-the-government’s-job thing.

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