Obama Fails 3AM Phone Call To White House: Says The Unthinkable To 10 Captured US Soldiers!

Obama Fails 3AM Phone Call To White House: Says The Unthinkable To 10 Captured US Soldiers!

OH COM’ON! Former intelligence officer Michael P. Pregent, President Barack Obama’s White House refused on Tuesday to secure the release of 10 Navy sailors then in Iranian custody because getting them out at 2 a.m. local time would have been “unsafe.”? This is what we’ve learned…


Obama might as well have spoken with the sailors himself and told them to go to sleep because it was past their bedtime.

“The best line yet from WH: It’s 2am and it would be unsafe for Iran to release American Military Personnel at night,” Pregent tweeted at 2:36 P.M. on Wednesday afternoon.

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Pregent, a lecturer at North Dakota University’s College of International Security Affairs, added that this is why we need military veterans in government — because the idea that “it’s dangerous for the U.S. Navy to operate at night” is simply absurd.

By Wednesday morning, the sailors, apprehended by the Iranians on Tuesday after mechanical problems caused their boats to drift into Iranian territorial waters, had been released after interrogation by local authorities, according to CNN.

As for Obama, he never even mentioned these sailors during his State of the Union speech Tuesday evening, instead opting to blather on and on about what he believes to be the greatest threat to our national security: global warming.

They were CAPTURED (the very act is hostile!)…and Obama STILL finds a way to brush it off? Basically Iran says…hey we got your boys and we’re holding them in a cell. To which the White House replies…ok! Don’t release them yet… I’ve got to handle this “Climate Control” threat. REALLY?!

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