Obama: The Boring Man-Child, Cheney: The Man

Don’t you just want the President to shut his never-ending, pretentious, blathering yapper? Everyone says he’s a great speaker. Really? The man bores me absolutely to tears. He reminds me of my insufferable, cranky and addled Histology teacher from college. Holy crap, cell biology was more interesting than this mitochondrial exhausting man. Look it up. I’m not telling you.

And yet. He gets the cover of Time and on Newsweek, there’s the cover that says, “Obama: In His Own Words”. What other words are there? Good grief. He’s great. Just ask him.

In case you haven’t yet pined away for the good old days, Vice President Cheney’s smack down of boy wonder was glorious to behold.

Cheney’s alpha male act brought out some needed exuberance on the right. People forget that half the reason the Republicans approval numbers have been in the crapper is because they’ve been acting like feminized Democrats.

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Contrasting the wussy Obama with the manly Cheney was a nice refreshing breath of fresh air and a reminder why Republicans win every once in a while. That Obama managed to look more manly than John McCain should tell you something. Moderates lose for a reason.

Yes. I’m all over the road here. Tired and giddy. Tired of hearing Obama. Giddy at hearing someone speak with clarity. And exulting that the Left is so turned inside out about this, too. All in all, a satisfying day.

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