Obama Tries To Talk Tough To Iran, Who Gives Him The Middle Finger By Making This Terrifying Move

by Sierra Marlee | March 31, 2016 5:14 pm

Obama is kind of like a Chihuahua; he likes to bark loud, but his bite isn’t anything about which you should be worried. This is probably why Iran[1] is treating him like a no-substance puppet.


From Conservative Tribune:

While attempting to sell his incredibly flawed nuclear agreement with Iran[3], President Barack Obama repeatedly answered the many bipartisan critics of his deal by assuring them that if Iran broke its end of the agreement, the various sanctions and penalties being lifted would all “snap back” into place.

However, since the signing of the Iran nuclear deal, we have witnessed the Islamic Republic repeatedly and openly violate its end of the bargain, most notably by continuing to test launch its nuclear-capable ballistic missiles[4], a clear violation of a still-standing U.N. resolution.

The most Obama’s administration has done in reaction to Iran’s deliberately belligerent acts is to merely blacklist a handful of Iranian companies, preventing them from doing business in the U.S.

Such a weak response to Iran’s provocations is a far cry from the tough talk Obama offered up while the deal was still being negotiated, and likely reveal that Obama never had any intentions of holding Iran accountable to the deal it signed in the first place.

Furthermore, the deal released back to Iran more than $100 billion in frozen and seized assets[5], money that is now admittedly being used to strengthen the conventional military capabilities of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, as well as to fund international terrorism.

Legal Insurrection makes clear just how dangerous a game the Iranians are playing, as Obama mounts his ineffectual protests:

Iran has embarked on an ambitious military build-up[6], never before seen in the history of the Middle East, financed by about $150 billion Tehran is set to receive as part of the Obama-Kerry Nuclear Deal[7]. This build-up dwarfs the military budget of Israel, a country Iranian Regime continues to threaten with annihilation.

Even in the face of all this, and admitting that Iran has violated the nuclear agreement multiple times, Obama’s administration continues to downplay the Iranian actions, asking us to trust both the White House and the Iranians that everything will work out in the end.

I get the feeling Iran could bomb America and Obama would continue wagging his finger and saying “One more, Iran, and then I’ll have to get REALLY mad!”

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