Obama Yet Again MOCKS Americans In Front Of Foreign Nation…Calls Us ‘LAZY’… [VIDEO]

Obama Yet Again MOCKS Americans In Front Of Foreign Nation…Calls Us ‘LAZY’… [VIDEO]

President Obama traveled to Laos recently and found yet another audience dying to embrace his obstinate view of the Americans who, out of the hope he preached about on the campaign trail, voted for him. Twice. He labeled those same Americans “lazy.” That’s right. The Marxist President called all Americans lazy, not because his party likes to raise taxes and waste trillions of our tax money on themselves and their arrogant false ideas, no. It was because Americans don’t care about the environment enough AND they don’t care about other countries enough…

Well Mr. President…Screw you, you thankless, phony.



Obama started off on this rant by saying, “Usually, when you see the environment destroyed, it’s not because it’s necessary for development. It’s usually because we’re being lazy and we’re not being as creative as we could be about how to do it in a smarter, more sustainable way.”

This is complete bull crap. If Obama’s superior gang of bureaucratic experts are so hardworking and intellectually attached, why have they not come up with an alternative to fossil fuels? Wind power is unsustainable on a large scale and so is solar, but according to Obama, capitalism is all about some fat cat billionaires who tear down trees to destroy everything in their paths to make room for their evil real estate, or coal mine, or pipe line.


But America is full of lazy people who are actively killing the environment…right. Forget that big government Communist states like China are leading the world as the top polluters, as well as India. Nope. It’s the evil Americans and their capitalistic ways…

Obama just couldn’t shut his mouth there, though, “If you’re in the United States, sometimes you can feel lazy and think we’re so big we don’t have to really know anything about other people.”

It’s not that we don’t care…it’s that we don’t agree, Obama. We don’t agree to the socialist countries that you adore, who enslave their populations with high taxes so that their cost of living is through the roof. We don’t agree with countries like Russia, China, Iran and others that have total control over their people, essentially making them slaves to big government.

And we don’t agree with you on anything you ‘believe’ or perceive that America is all about…because frankly, Mr. President, you have been wrong on every issue when it comes to foreign policy. Maybe it’s time you quit preaching to us, “that’s not who we are”…you have no idea who Americans are and what America is all about.

And that perspective is not lazy…it’s just true.

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