Obamacare effect: Record one-third of Americans foregoing medical care due to high costs

by Rachel Alexander | November 30, 2014 3:31 pm

More Americans than ever are choosing not to obtain medical care due to their inability to afford it. Since Gallup began polling Americans in 2001, the highest percentage ever now says they are putting off seeking medical treatment: one in three Americans.   Twenty-two percent of the middle class are delaying treatment for serious medical illnesses. [1]

The middle class has been affected the worst, as Obamacare forced the redistribution of wealth from the middle to the lower class. According to the Daily Caller,

The hardest hit: the middle class. Americans with an annual household income of between $30,000 and $75,000 began delaying medical care over costs more in 2014, up to 38 percent in 2014 from 33 percent last year; among households that earn above $75,000, 28 percent delayed care this year, compared to just 17 percent last year.

The lowest-income section, some of whom can take part in Medicaid and who are more likely to qualify for significant premium and cost-sharing subsidies on an Obamacare exchange, are less likely to delay care this year. Now, 35 percent of those who earn under $30,000 a year are putting off seeking medical care, down from 43 percent last year.

It is not known when this increasing abuse of middle-class taxpayers will let up. If it doesn’t, the middle class will be decimated as they succumb to illnesses – and there goes the tax base used to prop up the entire country and keep it running.

  1. Twenty-two percent of the middle class are delaying treatment for serious medical illnesses. : http://dailycaller.com/2014/11/28/gallup-peak-number-of-americans-delaying-medical-care-over-costs/

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