Obama’s “Best Friend” Beat The Hell Out Of Autistic Native American Over Redskin Logo… [VIDEO]

Obama’s “Best Friend” Beat The Hell Out Of Autistic Native American Over Redskin Logo… [VIDEO]

The sheer irony of this story is almost just too much. Just months ago, the left was crying about the ‘Redskins’ logo, claiming it was racist and it hurt their feelings and the weight of the pain they were enduring because of a FREAKING MASCOT was just too much to bear. Blah, blah, blah…and stupid.

The topic is still a very sensitive subject with many leftists, which is why I’m being so careful not to sound too harsh. I don’t want to make it harder on them.


Anyway, here’s a story you’re not going to believe…

An autistic Native American student, Barrett Dahl, is a member of the Sac and Fox Nation. He’s also a real die-hard Redskins fan as well. He traveled to Washington, DC for a Native American convention. He attended this convention sporting a Redskins sweater with pride.


However, at the same event was William Mendoza, an Obama Administration official. In fact, he is a member of the Oglala-Sicangu Lakota people who were appointed by Obama himself as a Native Affairs expert in the Department of Education.

The dude took one look at the Redskins sweater Dahl was wearing and became….wait for it….OFFENDED. In fact, he was so offended that he cornered Dahl and then all hell broke loose…

Mendoza approached Dahl upon seeing his Redskins sweater and hurled insults at him before spitting in his face. “He comes to me and says you’re a ‘weetard’ for wearing a Redskins shirt,” Dahl explained. “He says, ‘Where are you from that you’re such a weetard, you don’t understand that you’re offending me?’”

Dahl being the better man, didn’t engage with the ‘stupid’ Mendoza was handing out and left the ballroom immediately to call the police. However, Mendoza tracked him down on an escalator and proceeded to beat the living daylights out of poor Dahl.

By the time police arrived, Dahl had broken bones to the point of fractures puncturing out of his skin and his face was beaten until it was swollen to a pulp. A-hole Mendoza was real quick to start dropping names.

He told law enforcement that he was “best friends” with President Obama and Dahl says he was then given an ultimatum. Go home or go to jail. He replied letting them know where he needed to go was the hospital.

For over an our Dahl was detained with no medical attention to help him recover, then finally he was transported to a hospital.

What really sucks for this poor guy is the repercussions for what had happened. He has undergone 3 surgeries and still has 60% loss of movement and use in his right arm.

His family is suffering from the endless medical bills and he can no longer hold a pencil, drive a car, lift weights…you catch the drift right? The man for no good reason at all got beat down and ruined for a lifetime…because of one of Obama’s offended goons!

Mendoza, on the other hand, has lost nothing. “Obama just kicks it under the table and keeps Mendoza on staff,” Dahl told Three Percenter Nation. “Mr. Mendoza has tons and tons of assets, a home, a family, cars, and a great job. He has gotten to keep everything in his life, and I have lost everything that I had over this attack. I didn’t have much to begin with.”

“There’s not a doubt in my mind that this person would do the same thing to a young child who was wearing a Redskins shirt,” he added.

What really is insanely obnoxious and an outright injustice is Dahl has made it clear he did nothing to provoke the confrontation with that jerkface Mendoza…yet, nothing is being done to help. There was never an investigation into Mendoza’s actions nor was he ever placed on any kind of administrative leave. He simply just carried on living his life as he always has. Like a total douchebag.

The man is a monster, with the temper of the Hulk. The only difference being the Hulk is much more a man then this guy.

Who beats down another human being like this with zero remorse over a freaking mascot!?

Someone who shouldn’t be working around people or enjoying all the perks that come with being one of Obama’s handpicked thugs.

Dahl is in a bad way. Not many are in his corner…trying to help him find some kind of peace with the injustice done to him. The media is of course silent on the whole ordeal.


Prayers for Dahl would be helpful. Also…making some noise on this, so people know what’s happened. He could use the extra help. Right?

Here’s the monster. Take a good long look…because of him someone’s quality of life has gone to the gutter.


Here is the handy work of said monster…


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