Obama’s DOJ would rather investigate St. Louis Cardinals instead of real crooks at Clinton Foudation

by Samuel Gonzalez | June 16, 2015 8:17 pm

Hacking [1]in Baseball?cards[2]

After reading this very long winded piece in the NY Times[3], the laughable quote was as follows:

“Investigators believe Cardinals officials, concerned that Mr. Luhnow had taken their idea and proprietary baseball information to the Astros, examined a master list of passwords used by Mr. Luhnow and the other officials who had joined the Astros when they worked for the Cardinals. The Cardinals officials are believed to have used those passwords to gain access to the Astros’ network, law enforcement officials said.”


Oh my God! They gained access to the Astros network!  First, let me educate the NY Times that we’re not talking about Samsung sneaking a peak at what Apple has cooking in the research lab.

This is Baseball!

The product in question are baseball players and a 5 year old can look up any players stats from the major league club down to single A ball by logging on ESPN. All players stats are publicly available. Every ballclub knows every other ballclub players in the entire system. Every team has their own Sabermatirician to evaluate the same stats that are readily available to everyone.

This whole NY Times story is a bunch of nothing. And the DOJ is needlessly besmirching one of the classiest organizations in the game. For what?

From The Last Tradition[4]

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