Obama’s Foreign Policy Follies

Although it’s understandable that Obama would be primarily focused on domestic issues, his inattention to foreign affairs is creating an increasingly perilous situation for the US around the world. Just to give you a quick, non-comprehensive rundown…

* Kyrgyzstan has sided with Russia over us and is closing a key base we’re using to supply our troops in Afghanistan.

* Pakistan has made an unprecedented deal with the Taliban that may threaten the stability of their nation and our supply lines in Afghanistan.

* We’re coming into the “fighting season” in Afghanistan and our supply lines are becoming increasingly jeopardized.

* In Iraq, Obama has set his promised timeline to leave the country. That may work out just fine. It may also turn into a complete disaster since wars often don’t end according to the time lines of politicians.

* Iran may have passed the point of no return in building a nuclear bomb.

* A botched “secret letter” to Russia alerted Poland and the Czech Republic that we have no intentions of standing by them.

* China’s Navy is harassing our ships in international waters.

* North Korea is planning to test fire a missile that could conceivably reach the United States.

* A series of unintentional(?) diplomatic insults from the Obama administration to the Brits is significantly undermining our relationship with our nation’s best ally.

* Mexico is unstable and could conceivably collapse, which would lead to a flood of illegals and violence pouring over our borders.

Barack Obama needs to start getting a handle on world affairs before one of these molehills turns into a mountain and Joe Biden’s prophesy of “a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy” turns into reality.

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