Obama’s Operation Choke Point Bags Another Gun Maker, Intuit Joins Anti-Gun Scheme

by Duane Lester | September 5, 2014 7:31 pm

Operation Choke Point is a scheme by which President Obama and his administration are subverting the Constitution to limit your Second Amendment rights. They do it by targeting an organizations financial infrastructure. Here’s what they say they’re doing:[1]

The Obama administration has said Choke Point lets the Departments of Justice and Treasury crack down on illegal businesses by blocking their access to banks and other parts of the U.S. financial system.

The strange thing is, it keeps targeting companies that aren’t doing anything wrong.

Like this:

Calico Light Weapons Systems believes it is the latest victim of the administration’s overreach. In a statement released Thursday, Chris Holmgren, the company’s owner, says he was unexpectedly warned in mid-July that his credit card processor would have to close his account due to “illegal activities.”

Firearms producers are prohibited by law from selling guns over the Internet. But Holmgren says his company does not sell guns online, and only sells certain parts.

“The [credit card] company thought that I sold firearms over the Internet, which I do not,” he said. “My company only sells parts online, like screws, washers, and other soft goods.”

After several phone calls to his credit card processor, Intuit Merchant Service, Holmgren was told a “policy change” related to “illegal activities” is what was forcing Intuit to close Calico’s account.

When there’s no illegal activities, you just say there are and then don’t reopen the account.

Dangerous situation, but so far, no one in Congress has done anything about it.

Hat Tip: TPNN[2]

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