Obese Dachshund’s Weight Loss is Amazing!

by Sierra Marlee | January 4, 2015 9:30 pm

You know at least one person who has made weight loss their New Year’s resolution. If they’re in need of some adorable inspiration, we’ve found it for you![1]


From Rare[3]:

A dachshund who previously weighed an astonishing 59 pounds is down to 13 thanks to an extensive dieting regimen coupled with skin removal surgery.

Dennis ballooned in weight after the owner’s relative, who was looking after the dog, started feeding him human food as well as a massive amount of treats.

That’s when Brooklyn Burton, Dennis’ owner, put him on a diet and took him in for a skin removal surgery. Now, Dennis is healthy, happy, and ready to take on the new year.

“He now can go up and down the steps,” owner Burton told WSYX[4]. “He never used to be able to do that. Run, even faster. He thinks he rules the house.”

Watch the video below:


If Dennis can do it, so can you! Make the change you want to see, and have the resolve to stick to your resolutions this year.

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