Of PUMAs and the Need to Vote . . . No Matter What.

by Attila Girl | October 25, 2008 2:25 am

Slublog over at Ace of Spades HQ:

You know who I love most this election season? The PUMAs. Their blogs have been the most consistently optimistic and yet full of a gleeful disdain for Barack Obama and his campaign. They tear into Obama with a contagious mirth, and they love Sarah Palin more than certain “conservative” commentators.

I added the scare quotes around the word “conservative.” So sue me.

What follows in the Slublog post is a listing of how Hillary’s delegates were treated fraudulently in the Democratic primary, and speculation that some of the nationwide attempts at voter fraud (via ACORN and the like) are following this model.

And now the important part, also from Slublog:

Given what we’ve seen nationally with ACORN and in Virginia with military ballots, it looks like The One and his campaign are taking their tactics nationwide. After watching the We Will Not Be Silenced documentary, it occurred to me that the Obamites might try some of the same intimidation tactics against general-election voters who show up at the polls.

Between that, and what are sure to be some massively skewed exit polls from the media around mid-afternoon, election day should be quite a ride. Personally, I’m going into election day determined to vote no matter what I hear, and I hope all of you do the same. I have no doubt there will be disinformation and attempts to make conservatives feel as though their vote doesn’t matter, because The One’s got it in the bag. Don’t allow their propaganda to stop you from going out, casting a vote for McCain/Palin or volunteering for the campaign in some way November 4.

As I’ve been telling everyone, November 4th is my own personal media blackout day. I will listen to no exit polls—by anyone. I will not watch the news until, say, 11:00 Pacific (2:00 a.m. Eastern). I will absolutely not take the word of any news agency’s decision desk when it “calls” a state for a candidate.

I won’t begin to consider anything I hear as truthful or even truth-like until the next day. I expect every effort will be made to depress votes. And even if you’re in a deep-blue state like mine, you can still have an effect on: 1) those “down the ticket” from the Presidency, as well as other state/local candidates and issues, and 2) the popular vote, the gaining of which is not legally binding, but considered a plus for the person who actually wins: it helps to hedge against (or buttress) the “mandate” argument.

Personally, I believe that McCain is going to win this election. But only if we keep our radios and televisions off.

Don’t be a hero: avoid the media on that day at all costs.

(Joy McCann blogs at Little Miss Attila.)

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