Officer SAVES Mother’s Baby On The Side Of The Freeway, In A MIRACULOUS Way!

Officer SAVES Mother’s Baby On The Side Of The Freeway, In A MIRACULOUS Way!

A grateful mother believes a police deputy saved her baby son’s life after he prayed for him on the side of a busy freeway.


Jacquelynne Olmedo’s two year-old, Michael Aydan, became blue in the face at the family’s home near Houston, Texas, last week.

She straightaway got into her vehicle and began driving towards Texas Children’s Hospital with her baby, who suffers congenital heart disease. She pulled over behind Harris County Deputy Manuel Edwards, pleading for help.

He radioed into his superiors for help and then snatched the mother-of-two by the hands to start praying for her son’s life. The miraculous thing is within a few moments, Michael Aydan began to come back to life and move about ‘like nothing had happened’.

Ms. Olmedo believes it was the faithful officer’s prayer that had saved her baby’s life.

‘I think that that moment, it really did something,’ she told WTOC.

The baby had lost color in his face and turned blue while at home with the mother and her sister. The episode, which is known as Cyanosis, is a very common symptom in people that have heart disease. It happens when there is low levels of oxygen in the body.

Her son had received a heart transplant earlier, but it apparently didn’t stop the symptom from returning.

‘I pulled over behind a constable (because I was already on the freeway) to get help and he was in shock when I mentioned the words transplant recipient, 2yrs old, not responding and blue,’ wrote Ms Olmedo.

‘He called in for help and did something that I was not expecting. He grabbed my hands and started praying. He said “Believe and trust that this is going to ‘pass and that God is with him and all of us right now.”

‘He then went back into officer mode and got us to safety off of the freeway until the ambulance got there.’


In the craze of getting Michael Aydan to the hospital by ambulance after his prayer, the mother-of-two completely blanked about giving thanks to the officer, until she reached the hospital. Fortunately, she had the chance to make up for it.

She was elated when he appeared in her son’s hospital room, bearing balloons and gifts for the baby and his younger sister.

Class act my friend. You are one of the true blue good guys.

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