Oh SNAP! Drudge Drops BOMB On Megyn Kelly Leaving FOX NEWS!

by Alexandria Willis | December 1, 2016 3:00 pm


Megyn Kelly is definitely making headlines right now[2]. She was popular before the election even started. But ever since the Republican primaries, Megyn Kelly has definitely taken over the limelight. She was more than vocal in her response and disgust for the then candidate for the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. She was not afraid to vocalize her distaste. She would target him often, especially in the debates that she moderated.

Fox News wants to hold on to her, but she is not exactly doing them any favors right now. She has demanded a pay raise. She is wanting twenty million dollars in her annual contract. But is Fox willing to pay it out?

With the recent scandal surrounding Fox News concerning the sexual abuse of Megyn and other women, Fox is not looking great. And Megyn Kelly seems to have monopolized on the situation. She recently published a book, a book that has been wildly popular, outlining the abuses that she experienced.

She has appeared on multiple daytime television shows expounding on her experiences at Fox News. That included Doctor Phil and Kelly’s show. She is not exactly worried about how she makes her company look. And speculation says they are tired of it.

According to the Drudge report:

Reports on Kelly’s job prospects beyond Fox News have been conflicting. Some say other networks aren’t welcoming the queen of cable news ratings with open arms, but her co-hosting stint on Live!gave Kelly Ripa‘s morning show its highest ratings since Michael Strahan left.

So the jury is still out. Will they let the contract fall or keep her as their main lady? Only time will tell.

Republican Presidential Candidates Particpate in Fox News Debate in Iowa[3]

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