Oh SNAP! Tomi Lahren Is Sick Of Megyn Kelly – FIRES OFF ON HER! VIDEO

Oh SNAP! Tomi Lahren Is Sick Of Megyn Kelly – FIRES OFF ON HER! VIDEO

Host of the TheBlaze TV’s Tomi Lahren decided to chuck some bombs at Megan Kelley, for “placating to the left” at the expense of alienating conservatives and Trump supporters.


Lahren pointed out that she has until now abstained from confronting the issue with Megyn Kelly, despite the Fox News’ star controversial and highly public feud with then Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. It was only when Kelly criticized Pamela Geller during an interview last week, that Lahren felt she had ‘crossed the line’.

Kelly said:

[Geller] “is no question a hateful person who held this ‘Draw Muhammad’ contest down in Texas, and then they got attacked by two terrorists. Now she is a provocateur, and she is not a fan of anyone who is Muslim from the sound of what she says. But this is America and she has the right to say those things.”


Lahren, in response to Kelly stated:

“I’ve been rather quiet about Megyn Kelly throughout this election cycle, she does her thing and speaks her truth and that’s all fine and dandy, even if it has alienated a lot of Trump supporters—that’s on her. But where does she get off saying this?”

Lahren invited Geller on to her show to get to the bottom of issue, in light of Kelly’s rebuke. Geller said Kelly has no understanding of freedom of speech and is only trying to cater to the other side purely for opportunistic reasons.

Geller said:

“I have to think, well what has Megyn Kelly done for Muslim girls who are in trouble, who want to live free lives? I find it shocking that she A) considers herself a journalist when she knows nothing of my work. B) Smears, defames and libels me, why? Because she’s so eager to move to NBC, ABC, or CBS or one of those last vestiges of ‘ the gold standard of journalism?’ And honestly, if that’s the standard of journalism where we are now then she clearly belongs in one of those cesspools, and they are cesspools because they smear and they defame people. And she owes me an apology.”

In fear of sounding like a huge misogynistic pig, this is just a cat fight that has a whole lot to do about nothing important. Hurt egos. Plain and simple. Move on children.

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