Ohio Mother Smothers Her 3 Young Sons DEAD – So They Will Never Abuse Women

Ohio Mother Smothers Her 3 Young Sons DEAD – So They Will Never Abuse Women

Brittany Pilkington killed all three of her young sons, months apart from one another. How does that go undetected? How can a woman who is married with a family kill her children one at a time months apart like she did and no suspicion arise from it?


I’ll tell you how. She’s married to a monster just as sick as she is.

He used to be her mother’s long time boyfriend, who had been living with them since this murdering mother was 9 years-old. She was impregnated by him by the time she was 17 years old.

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He ruined her.

After she was taken in for her dark deeds, she stated she had smothered each child with a blanket, because she didn’t want them to suffer, then grow up to abuse women. She was depressed and concerned they would become abusive to women because of who their father was.


It was over a 13-month period that this mother killed each of her sons. One day after the death of her youngest son, she claimed to police that she was sleeping and when she woke-up she realized she was laying on top of him and that is how he suffocated. She had outright claimed for her second son she had used his blanket to suffocate him to death.

She stands accused of suffocating her sons due to a deep jealousy over the attention they were getting from her husband, that was taking away from her attention.

The youngest child was just 3 months-old when she killed him…the details of this story are unbearable.


This woman and her husband together have 1 daughter who is 5 years-old. She still remains in custody of existing relatives until the case has come to a close.

Pilkington has pleaded ‘not guilty’ to multiple counts of aggravated murder.


Her trial is coming February 2017, if she is found to be guilty and convicted, she could face the death penalty.

Do you think that is a fitting consequence for what she has done to these 3 innocent boys?

I personally wish that man who abused her as a child was forced to face consequences too. It just isn’t fair.

She is only 24 years-old and her mind has been corrupted by his sick wickedness since she was 9 years-old.

It just feels like he’s getting away with murder, do you agree?


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