One Last “Screw You” From George Bush To America

As predicted, George Bush is letting it be known that he is planning to use TARP funds to prop up the “Big 3” despite the fact that it’s clearly illegal.

Also, given that there are 350 billion dollars worth of TARP funds remaining, Bush is setting a precedent that will be used to turn the whole thing into a giant slush fund for Obama to dole out.

George Bush’s socialistic reaction to the economic troubles we’ve had at the end of his presidency has been stunningly incompetent, utterly irresponsible, and disastrous for America. How bad has it been? Jimmy Carter could have done a better, more fiscally conservative job of handling this whole situation.

All we can hope at this point is that George Bush has an attack of conscience, changes his mind about using TARP funds, and decides to put the good of the country above his “legacy.”

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