Oops! Moment Armed Robbers Enter Gas Station Of Cashier Ready With A RIFLE! VIDEO

Oops! Moment Armed Robbers Enter Gas Station Of Cashier Ready With A RIFLE! VIDEO


Fresno, California was taken by surprise recently following an attempted armed robbery at a 7-Eleven gas station and convenience store. It was a normal night for the workers and customers when things took a turn for the worse. A man came into the convenience store closely followed by a woman with her face covered. It would not sound so terrifying if it were not for the assault rifle the man was carrying.

The surveillance video shows the man entering confidently holding the assault rifle. He then demands that the store clerk give him all the money from the drawers of the cash register. But this would-be robber and his accomplice are shocked by the way things turned out.

The cashier himself was also armed. He pulled out his gun and fired a few rounds in the general direction of the suspects who are taken completely by surprise. The robber and his accomplice though armed, immediately turn around and run. They clearly are not used to being met with any level of resistance.

These two alleged robbers have not yet been found, but the Fresno police are currently trying to identify the couple. Luckily they are armed with extensive footage. They cannot stay anonymous for long. You will agree when you see the video below. They obviously were not thinking the situation through.

Luckily, no customers or workers were hurt. Everyone seems to agree. It would have been much worse had the store clerk not been prepared for this type of event.

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