Oops! Thugs Used GUNS In Terrifying Mannequin Challenge – Police RESPOND! VIDEO

by Sierra Marlee | December 8, 2016 5:57 pm

The Internet has bred all manner of stupid “challenges” and the latest one, known as “the mannequin challenge,” has already gotten a group of idiots in trouble.

While it’s not illegal to partake of this nonsense, what these morons did IS illegal and I hope they go to jail for a long, long time.


The idea behind the mannequin challenge is to create a scene that appears to by acted out by the lifeless dummies you see modeling clothes. You stay still while acting out the scene and then post it on social media for people to “ooh” and “ahh” over.

Well, one group of kids decided to act out a drive-by shooting.

With real firearms.

The video of this idiotic stunt went viral, catching the attention of the Madison County, Alabama Sheriff’s Department. They coordinated with the Huntsville Police Department and the ATF to carry out a search warrant, using the video as cause for suspicion.

Watch the video below:

Two men were arrested, thanks to the warrant. 49 year-old Kenneth White was charged with possession of marijuana as well as “certain persons forbidden to possess a firearm.” Meanwhile 23 year-old Terry Brown is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, loitering and promoting prison contraband.

Madison County Sheriff’s Department’s Captain Mike Salomonsky gave the people a little more information on the incident, and how they plan to go forward.

“There are several persons in the video who may be convicted felons. So, we’re going to try to do some identification, work with the ATF and see if we can generate any charges out of that.”

Also confiscated were two handguns, a single-barrel shotgun, an “assault rifle,” tactical vest, ammo and magazines, as well as bags of marijuana that had been packaged for resale.

You know it’s bad when even the cops are making fun of you on Twitter:

A viral mannequin challenge & drugs sold at the same residential location-Really?? We're going to protect our communities from guns & drugs.

— Madison Sheriff AL (@mcsosheriffAL) December 6, 2016[2]

My mother always used to tell me: “Don’t put anything on the Internet you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see.” It appears it’s time to update that.

Don’t put anything on the Internet that you don’t want your local Sheriff’s office getting a hold of.

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