Organized 5-on-5 Fights Overseas Look Out of Control and Dangerous

by Jennifer Van Laar | May 14, 2015 12:00 pm

A European group is taking street brawls to the ring, but they’re completely out of control[1].


The organization’s website calls it “a new approach to the martial arts where you can enjoy the exciting moments of a group street fighting transferred to the sport grounds.”

Five fighters fill up each team, and when the match starts, everyone goes nuts. Five very overwhelmed referees try to keep things in line, as TFC rules prohibit “blows to the Adam’s apple, groin kicks, biting and spitting.”

So, how does one team win? It’s basically whichever side has the last man standing. Fighters can give themselves up or be deemed unfit to continue by the refs.

The clip above is from a scrap between amateur teams from Russia and Poland, the eventual winner. That’s another thing about TFC—only amateurs are allowed to participate.

Amateurs only, but of course they have the dancing girls as part of the entertainment.

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